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I Decade.jpg

Kerstin Roolfs Berlin-New York

I. Decade

Installations, paintings, drawings and printwork made in Berlin and New York from 1990-99 are displayed in color and black and white photos throughout the book. The images are accompanied by texts from Eike Gebhardt and Gile R. Downes Jr. and translated by Wiebke Kramp.


1999 Hardcover, German/English, 77 pages, off-set print.

Available upon request or used. 


II decade.jpg

Kerstin Roolfs New York

II. Decade

Installations, exhibitions, paintings, drawings, prints and images of objects are documented in this volume. Texts by Brooklyn based art writer/critic Katy Diamond Hamer and Harvard University fellow Jose Luis Falconi give an insight into the development and subject matter of the work.


2013 Hardcover, German/English, 96 pages, digital print.

Available upon request or used.

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Kerstin Roolfs

New Work Red Hook 2013

New work Red Hook is a small book with photos of recent prints and paintings which were made in Red Hook from 2011-2013. The book is available at the blurb Arts & Photography bookstore online. 


Softcover  $ 14.99 / Hardcover $ 28.99

Free e-book for iPhone & iPad


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